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Company Name Yawataya Isogoro LTD. President and CEO: Yutaka Muroga
Yawataya Isogoro Inc. President: Yutaka Muroga
Address Head Office and Factory: 102-1 Yanagimachi, Nagano-shi, Nagano 380-0805
Main Shop: 83 Daimoncho, Nagano-shi, Nagano 380-0841
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Foundation 1736 (In the early 18th century)
Incorporation of Enterprise Yawataya Isogoro LTD. October 1, 2005
Yawataya Isogoro Inc. April 1, 1953
Business Description The Manufacturing and Sale of Shichimi Togarashi
Number of Employees Men:23, Women:36, Part-time:20 (Total:79)


Founded in the Genbun era (1736) The founder Kan'emon began selling Shichimi Togarashi in the grounds of Zenkoji Temple.
In the Bunsei Nenkan era (1818~1829) Sasuke, the fourth generation proprietor, developed recipes for ichimi, shichimi and kogara.
1924 The sixth proprietor, Eisuke, began to market shichimi in tin cans.
1952 The store moved to Daimoncho in Nagano City.
April 1953 Yawataya Isogoro was incorporated as a private limited company.
April 2000 The online shop opened for business.
December 2000 The head office and factory both moved from Sakuraecho to Yanagimachi in Nagano City.
October 2005 Packaging was redesigned and company name changed from "Yawataya Isogoro Ltd." to "Yawataya Products Ltd." Yawataya Isogoro Inc. was established.
March 2007 Yawataya Farm LTD. was established.
March 2008 New store opened in Daimon-cho.
In-store shichimi blending service was revived.
Handmade sweets containing shichimi ingredients were created and marketed.

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